Bay Area Resistance Drummers (BARD)

The goal of BARD is to provide an energetic rhythmic center at rallies and protests and remove the barriers to engagement so that anyone who is moved to join in can, no matter their age, experience, ability, or background; whether they play taiko, another instrument, or none at all; whether they're experienced social activists or if they're at their first protest ever.

BARD has rallied and marched with as few as three and as many as 20+ taiko players, djembe, doumbek, and snare players, singers, hand percussionists, belly dancers, wind players, and non-musicians— many meeting for the first time during the action itself.

BARD strives to provide a genuine, comfortable, and welcoming point around which folks can gather while engaging in social action. There are no set lists and no required songs to learn. All are welcome— the more the mightier!

Kristin Block envisioned BARD in 2017 and continues its organization.

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