Interested IN building community with other taiko players and groups? Check out the following resources for more information!


Taiko Community and Festivals Map

While taiko groups perform and many festivals and events, these events are unique in their element of taiko collaboration. Each of these events feature at least 3 different taiko groups performing, collaborating, or coming together with one another. Click on the map below to learn more!


Taiko and Community Interviews

Check out our interviews, conducted by Karen Young, Marley Kirton, and Yidan Zeng, featuring prominent taiko leaders who integrate community oriented thinking in taiko!

TCA Community Calendar


Coordinated and run by the Taiko Community Alliance, this online calendar features community events occurring across the taiko community! Click below to access the TCA Community Calendar!

Click here to access the calendar

The August 2017 Summer Taiko Intensive preceding the North American Taiko Conference in San Diego, CA focused on Women and Taiko: Past, Present, and Future. It gathered 47 taiko enthusiasts from North America and Europe eager to think about Women and Taiko and resulted in many exciting new efforts, one of them them Launched in October 2018, this website provides “resources and models for how women have been central to the art form and aims to increase the visibility of women.”

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