#taikolove (Nen Daiko)

After Nen Daiko performed at the Taiko Jam concerts at NATC 2017, we felt very connected with many new taiko performers. We wanted to celebrate that feeling of connection, so we created a month-long social media photo challenge. Each day was assigned a taiko-related theme for people to share photos or videos. We made a graphic that showed the themes and we translated that graphic into French, German, Japanese, Portuguese and Spanish. We asked everyone to tag their posts with the hashtag #taikolove. During October 2018, 13 groups posted every day and 51 individuals or groups posted at least once during the month. There was a total of 743 tagged posts. Why is this photo challenge called #TaikoLove? It is because taiko can build love in a community, and that is so important. Taiko can bring positive energy to those who feel stressed out and disconnected. It can be a place where people feel appreciated and celebrated each week. For one month, we imagined that we were playing with taiko groups around the world all together. Nen Daiko plans on hosting the #TaikoLove challenge again in October 2019. This is our 25 year anniversary and we are excited to celebrate it with the global taiko community!

For more information:

Website: http://nendaiko.weebly.com/taikolove.html