The Genki Spark

The Genki Spark is “a multi-generational, pan-Asian women's arts and advocacy organization that uses Japanese taiko drumming, personal stories, and creativity to build community, develop leadership, and advocate respect for all.” Located in Boston, Massachusetts, the group was founded by artist and community organizer Karen Young in 2010.

The Genki Spark is unique as it exists as a space beyond learning and performing taiko, from developing performance pieces based on member’s lived experiences (including, Who Am I/What Am I?, Genki Roll Call, Heck Yeah statements, and How We Arrived Home), to intentional community building outside the dojo. The group has a variety of community partnerships to interact with the greater Asian/American community, queer community, and immigrant community. While building community, they also celebrate individuality; their costumes allow for customization, and their blog, video profiles, and web profiles with photos all intentionally celebrate each member’s story/experience.

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